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What is a women's circle?

Women have been sitting in circle for as long as there have been women.

⭕️ Women’s circles give women strength to make decisions outside of the norm, to trust themselves and their intuition.

⭕️ They are a place to reclaim our power, our stories, our wisdom, offering respite from the patriarchal overculture that is harming us.

⭕️ Women’s circles remind women that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings.

⭕️ They provide places of genuine connection, skipping the mundane small talk and weaving threads of friendship and support.

⭕️ They offer a chance for women to get still, to get angry, to get out of their heads and into their bodies.

⭕️ They help women co-regulate with other women, providing respite from always co-regulating their children.

⭕️ They allow women to talk without the need to be fixed or pathologised. Women soon realise, they are not broken, the world is. 

⭕️ Circles create opportunities for personal growth and self healing. 

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