Childbirth without FEAR Is Childbirth without PAIN!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Natural childbirth isn’t shown on TV and in movies in a positive light. We’ve all seen and heard of enough births that look more like horror movies, painful and traumatic! Providers are screaming like drill sergeants to “PUUUUSH!”, mothers are screaming in pain and fear and dad is passed out in the corner. 

Women are conditioned from childhood to believe that childbirth is painful. We hear stories of unimaginable pain and the “Ring of Fire” from the moment we announce our pregnancies. Remember the horrible stories being shared by mums over tea and cake, at Laura’s baby shower? Many women experience painful, difficult and complicated births because they believe childbirth involves a lot of pain, blood, and trauma. It’s really a cycle that continues through the generations. 

"The Fear – Tension/Stress – Pain Cycle"

Simply put, women go into the “delivery room” with a lot of fear, anxiety and stress bottled up inside their pregnant bodies and minds. The stress hormone overload causes their labour to slow down or stop completely due to the fight or flight response. This in turn releases adrenaline, counteracting the love hormones already being produced and that are necessary for labour to progress. Adrenaline blocks or inhibits easy flow of other hormones, specifically endorphins and oxytocin. Both are crucial hormones when it comes to “pain” relief during labor. 

Would you like to learn more about this possibility – a natural, healthy and pain-free childbirth without the use of drugs? What is the secret? 

That’s where Hypnobirthing Australia comes in! The positive birth program is SO much more than childbirth education. It is a program that provides you with the knowledge, confidence and tools to have a beautiful, calm, positive birth experience no matter what is thrown your way! 

We go through the causes of fear, how to address those fears and support you by giving you the tools to move past them. We address the physiological side of childbirth along with the hormonal and emotional side which is often skimmed over or missed altogether by generic antenatal classes. We go through the importance of your birth environment and the power of affirmations and that’s all just in the first session. 

Are you fearful of labour and birth? Do you have underlying anxieties about the birthing process? Are you interested in having a calm, relaxed and empowering birth? 

Contact me today to see how we can work together to make that dream a reality! 

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