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The Birth of Peyton

I knew my labour was beginning at about 1:30 I woke up already moaning and my partner said “are you alright?” I thought I just had cramps from something I ate but they continued through the night. I woke at 7:30 again and they were more intense and in 10 minute intervals. At that point I called my partner and said “I think you should come home from work”

Early labour for me was very much like severe poo cramps. I couldn’t move when they were happening all I could do was rock back and forth and focus on my breathing. Between contractions I tried to walk as much as possible to let gravity to it’s job.

Thankfully my partner joined me straight away and the poor thing rubbed my back for 4 hours straight. He still to this day complains about his hand being sore. My sister was also there for the birth and she was a brilliant help. Talking to me, making me laugh and reassuring me that every woman can do this.

I called my midwife immediately (7:30am) to give them the heads up my contractions had started. Then at 4pm I called them to tell them my water had broke to which they said “you should probably come in and we will check on you” and then we packed the car and we were on our way. I had a very quick shower though because I was not about to go to the hospital covered in fluid.

We drove to our hospital which is only 10 minutes away and to be honest I don’t even remember the car ride. I just remember not moving, my partner had to do my seat belt up for me. Come around open the door help me out. I was paralysed because I was just so focused on my breathing I couldn’t do anything else.

My contractions by the time we got to the hospital were intense and a minute apart. It was as if my muscles all around my belly and back were tensing permanently. It was as if I was doing a sit up but not moving. The hardest part was letting my body do what it needed to do but also taking control myself. Even though I wanted to push my midwife told me very sternly it was too early and I would hurt myself if I continued. So I really focused on feeling my contractions and breathing. She did an cervical exam which caused me more pain than the labour itself. Laying on my back was so painful and she did the internal as quick as she possibly could because she knew I was in pain. Severe pain.

After an hour or so I asked if I could jump in the bath and they said yes that’s fine. I was lucky enough to have a midwife that could do my internal checks whilst I was in the bath. The most awkward moment was the poop. Boy did I poop and it was the ONLY relief I felt in that moment! So I did not care one little bit. The poor midwife had her “pooper scooper” and eventually gave up because there was so much. It’s so embarrassing however I couldn’t care at that point in time.

I strongly urge any one who is able to have a water birth to do so. It was weightless and my contractions went from a 6-7 to easily a 4. I wouldn’t have had the drug free birth I did if I never got in that water.

I had a midwife whom I had never met before and my student midwife who followed me through my pregnancy. They both had the same mindset I did so we worked brilliantly as a team. They were very “natural pain relief” which helped me focus so much. Everytime they could see I was in more pain that I could handle they were quick and calm to remind me of my birth plan and my breathing and suggesting techniques and positions to help with the pain.

I did consent to cervical checks. The first one I was 3cm dilated and I thought “oh god is that it”. The second check was in the bath and I don’t actually remember them telling me how dilated I was all I remember is my sister saying ”I’m just going to go get my kids dinner I’ll be back” and the midwife saying “she’s 9cm I wouldn’t be going anywhere”!

I remember saying “I can’t stop my body pushing” after controlling it for so long. The midwife did an exam and said, “she’s crowning” and then it was game on. I personally didn’t feel the “ring of fire” they talk about I think the oxytocin and adrenaline running through my body just kicked me into overdrive and all I knew is when my belly tightened it was time to push with all my might.

I couldn’t even tell you how long I was pushing for I lost track of time. All I know if before I knew it, it was 8:03 and I had a beautiful baby girl it my arms, cuddling into my chest.

Seeing my daughter for the first time. I didn’t feel instantaneous love it overwhelming love to begin with. I just felt relief. I had just given birth. I had done something incredible and I had to wrap my brain around that before I could process I just had a little human who was 3 minutes ago in my belly.

My partner was so proud that we had succeeded in our birth plan and had a beautiful healthy baby. He was just proud of us, proud of our baby and proud of me for sticking to my guns.

My daughter had slight vernix on her body when she came out but boy did she have a strange shaped head. The top of her scalp was smushed to one side. I didn’t notice at the time but I look back at photos at it was smushed !

My partner cut the cord. He said it was tougher than expected and my sister was lucky enough to catch that moment on camera.

I was then taken from the bath to the bed while my partner went with the nurse to check my daughter. When I hoped on the bed I was asked if I’d like the needle to speed up the birth of my placenta which I was fine with. So I got the needle and the midwife massaged my belly ever so gently and slowly but surely the placenta was delivered. I didn’t know the pressure was there until it was gone and it was a relief to know it was over. I had successfully given birth to a healthy baby girl and surprisingly it all went to plan.

Peyton Annalise Markwick. Peyton was from “The Game Plan” the movie and Annalise was the lawyer off “How to get away with murder” both of which we thought were elegant names for a beautiful young lady.

I had a second degree tear and from the adrenaline running through my body I didn’t even know until the nurse told me. It’s amazing what the human body can do !

I held Peyton first, then my partner held her after her exams and needles. My sister was my other support person so she was next. I have never seen my sister so infatuated by a baby before (other than her own kids) and it was amazing to see. Still to this day they have a bond like no one else.

Skin to skin was unusual. At first slightly uncomfortable but the more I looked at my daughter I became slowly but surely in love. I snuggled her. I smelt her over and over again. I was just amazed by this little human.

I had a goal to breastfeed for 12 months and I am proud to say I successfully breastfed first 14 months ! The first latch I felt an achievement. I thought, "you know what, we can do this"! I immediately took a photo to share with a fellow mumma to show her I did it !

I am beyond proud of the birth I had. Drug free, relaxing, empowering and overall amazing!

Shared by Karly Price

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