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The Homebirth of Acre Noah

“I hummed with the stars and the moon that night. The next morning, our baby Acre Noah was born, in the comfort of our home”

I birthed my first baby in the hospital and although I wouldn’t say I had a traumatic birth, I held grudges towards the hospital system. I was not able to naturally birth my placenta. The constant vaginal checks. The coming in and out of midwives in the birthing suite. And the worst, for breaking my waters which resulted in prolonged a pushing stage. It was exhausting and probably the longest 13 hours of my life! So when I found out we are expecting our second, I knew we deserved better care, a homebirth!

I message my friend Jaime, she’s a doula from This Is What I Doula for her recommendations. She sent me Midwife Jo details. I still remember her words — “I haven’t met her but I’ve heard many great things about her.” So I contacted her, met with her and the rest is history!

Fast forward to the birthing day, it was indeed the most phenomenal experience I have had so far. Giving birth in the comfort of our home, smelling my favourite pillow whilst going through surges, drinking a cup of tea, listening to soft music and my Hypnobirthing Australia soundtracks, surrounded by people I love and women empowering women — ahhh! The oxytocin and endorphins flowed.

The labour and birth lasted for only 3 hours and some minutes. It was fast and I felt amazing. My midwife sat from a distance, observed and let nature take its course. I was empowered and was reminded through it, that I am a strong woman and my body knows what to do. I did exactly as nature intended. Our beautiful darling Acre Noah was born in the water, unmedicated, just a little after the sun rose.

I am a Christian and I have always believed that my creator is not a careless mechanic. I was made to do this. I will always thank the heavens for bringing the J team to our lives— Jo and Jacqui for being my midwives and Jaime for preparing us for this calm, beautiful birth with the Hypnobirthing Australia program.

This birth healed the grudges from my first birthing experience. It was indeed so healing.

Written by Norielle Malazarte Baltazar

Photography: Rebecca Lawrence Photographer

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