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The Hypnobirth of Baby Heath

I completed my Hypnobirthing Australia course at 35 weeks with Jaime Hawkins in Penrith and I am so incredibly grateful that I did. I truly believe it allowed me to have the birth I had always dreamed of. My first birth was very quick and I barely moved off the hospital bed because I was in so much agony. This time everything was completely different.

My early labour signs started around lunch time. I had some regular tightening and I definitely felt the pressure in my pelvis, it wasn’t uncomfortable but I just knew things were starting to happen.

I listened to a few of my favorite hypno tracks which again put me to sleep (they always do). 

By around 6pm I started having regular surges that I could do my relaxation breathing through as each one arrived. I had a shower with my 3 year old toddler like we would always do, which is amazing I could spend this last time with him on our own whilst in labour too. He had no idea I was even having surges.

As the intensity of my surges increased over the next few hours I listened to a few more hypno tracks and around 10pm I decided it was time to have a bath where I stayed for an hour meditating. One of my favorite affirmations I used throughout was “Every surge brings me closer to meeting my baby.” I kept this in my mind through out the entire day and night. 

At 11pm we decided it was now time to head to the hospital. As soon as I arrived, I got straight into the bath that we had essential oils in, some lovely LED candles around where I listened to “Surge of the sea” in peace on my own. I politely asked for no cervical checks at this point as I didn’t want to lose my focus.

By 1am I agreed to then have my cervix checked in the water and to my surpise baby was ready to be birthed. I still can’t believe I made it this far on my own. 

I then asked for some gas as at this stage as I needed a little help, but I didn’t really find I used it much anyway as my breathing technique was already doing it’s job just fine on its own. By now my surges were at their peak and I noticed the changes in my breathing but I still continued to focus and breath through each one.

My beautiful 8lb baby boy ‘Heath’ entered the world at 2.15am in the water birth I had always envisioned. Minimal intervention, naturally and on my own. I couldn’t be prouder. 

I had a wonderful supportive birthing experience with the help of my husband, mum and my amazing caseload midwife who fully supported my Hypnobirthing experience and I felt calm and loved through out. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Jaime and the Hypnobirthing Australia program. I look back on my birth with such positivity and honestly wouldn’t change it for the world!

- Jaymi Cole

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